Child Custody Investigations

In a separation or divorce, often custody of a child/children is delicate and a difficult subject to deal with between both parties, because of emotions and the pain that it entails.

Increasingly, parent of a child/children may request joint custody while the other parents' requests to have custody and sole custody. This makes it very difficult to reach an agreement between both parties.

When one parent has the suspicion or certainty that the other is not carrying the terms of the judicial system in the correct way, it is then when our private investigator comes in and conduct an investigation to obtain evidence about these breaches through child custody investigations.

At other times, private investigators verify whether or not there is correct treatment of the minor by the other parent based on the behavior he/she has with the child. Once the investigation is completed, you can request a review of the visitation regime or any other section of the regulatory agreement be modified.

Custody of minors when the parties cannot agree:

In such scenario, our private investigator can help you get what you need. When parties are unable to enter into a dialogue or agreement; the separation process can become a nightmare. When one parent or both parties refuse to talk to the each other; it creates an unsustainable situation.

Our private investigators focus on providing valid evidence which can help influence the decision of the court. Our investigators collect and present strong evidence and irrefutable evidence, in order to determine which of the two parents is the appropriate party to take charge of the custody of minor(s).

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