Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations are not helplessly exposed to unfaithful or fraudulent employees. With the help of a private investigator, employees can be monitored. Employers, individuals, and any other corporations are not allowed to conduct such investigations. Our private investigators are highly trained, licensed, and authorized to monitor employees and such jobs.

Importance of Corporate Investigations:

Employers are required to investigate their alleged employee's infraction. Many times, it is difficult to break the protocols and conduct an investigation on their own. In such scenarios, a private investigator can help them.

Human Resource departments are the base of companies. When problems arise, they often require an internal investigation. However, sometimes due to the lack of modern equipment and surveillance, they cannot carry out such investigations. Your company can hire one of our private investigators and have the assurance of a thorough investigation and get results you need.

A private investigator can also help inside or outside counsel corporations. A private investigator can act as a legal representative on behalf of a corporation.

One of the most critical functional areas of a company is their IT (Information Technology) department. Companies can also need assistance during an investigation in their digital forensic systems.

Our team of private investigators can monitor your employees whom you think are acting unfaithfully or criminally against your company. Our private investigators can perform investigation in all areas of corporate systems.

We offer various services in corporate investigations such as detection of eavesdropping, telephone and microphonic sweeps, telecommunications encryption, GPS observations, neutralization of frames and hostile competitors, strategic dossiers, crisis logistics, and many other things.

Insurance Investigations:

Since the numbers of huge frauds are discovered by holders of insurance policies every year, many times insurance companies require hiring a private investigator who perform the investigation for them.

Frauds are often handled by large companies that, in the face of bankruptcy, try to cheat the insurance and thus recover part of the lost money. Many times, the least thought client is an actor of fraud.

Importance of Private Investigator in Insurance Sector:

Private investigators, whether privately or permanently hired within the insurance company itself, investigate both individuals and corporate cases within their insured. After receiving a case by an insurance company, an investigator will begin to look for backup information about their client. It is possible the individual who has already cheated some other company or person(s), somehow repeats their behavior. Many times, a private investigator has to do this type of research prior to signing an insurance contract.

Most of the time fraud cases are small and simple. Individuals who are insured who claim to have suffered an accident and the culprit escaped, etc., who try to get the insurance to pay for the repairs of their vehicle, which in many cases are not more than the maintenance required. The private investigator will need tools and information to follow up in the case. In more complicated cases such as vehicle insurance policies, video and audio tests will be necessary to complete the investigation.

The investigator will have to be aware of insurance, civil and contract rules and laws. In all cases, it will always be better for the insurance company to have its own detectives as they can be trained in all the skills and knowledge they need for specific insurance investigations.

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