Criminal Investigations

We are now living in the world where crime is rapidly increasing. In criminal investigations, the correct handling of the crime scene is a key instance, which requires precise professional skills.

With the scientific training that this technique provides, our private investigators acquire the research methodology and grow in suitability for prevention and assistance related to criminal behavior. With theoretical knowledge from medicine, psychology, law, among other disciplines related to the forensic field, they will develop the capacity for objective and systematic analysis of the reality necessary to make judgments based on criticism. As well as, being trained on the constant updating of the technologies used in the field, investigators have the necessary skills to work in diagnostic studies and expert witnesses in the place of the fact.

Criminal Investigation performed by a Private Investigator:

A private investigator is responsible for obtaining sufficient evidence to determine all those people who are involved in one way or another in the commission of a crime, their degree of involvement in it and the way they committed it.

Our private investigators are precise, exhaustive and have a lot of experience and knowledge to know how to fit all the pieces of the puzzle in the shortest possible time after receiving the criminal news. The necessary skills that an investigator must possess will be a key fact in being able to face the resolution of the case. In any criminal investigation, our investigators maintain professionalism while they lead, plan and supervise at all times.

Civil Investigations:

Civil Investigations helps to assemble and uncover imperative information required for the civil trial. In most of the cases, there are two individuals who argue about a particular issue that is related to their civil rights as a citizen.

Private Investigator Plays an Important Role:

Our private investigators discover the facts. They provide the information necessary to refute or support a criminal prosecution, cause of action, and any claim. On the basis of this information, the civil justice system can then decide heavily on the accuracy of the proofs.

Our private investigators use observation and detection skills to get information that is useful to our clients. We work for individuals, corporations, and attorneys. They keep detailed records of the investigation and write reports so the judges will have all the information necessary to make their decisions.

Our private investigators specialize in different areas of the private research sector. They use the most advanced and current technology in the market, during the investigation; in order to offer our clients, the results that meet their expectations. We provide services of private investigations for individuals, corporations, autonomous, law firms, insurance and mutual.

Our experienced private investigators are characterized by the commitment, discretion, and effectiveness in every investigation they perform. Our clients need to know they are right when they choose us to decide in their favor.

You are one step away from getting answers to your questions. And of course, evidence to defend the truth and its interests before the Justice.

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