Divorce Investigations

There are many reasons that lead a couple to separate. Many times, this separation is mutually agreed, peaceful and beneficial for both parties. Many divorces end up going to court for a judge to determine the conditions of separation which sometimes the outcome is highly unfair to one of the spouses.

In these cases, divorce investigations are necessary. Our private investigator can guarantee the acquisition of relevant evidence which restores the conditions of the divorce.

Throughout the time it takes to get your separation or divorce, hiring a private investigator can help you save unnecessary costs in the maintenance and/or compensatory payments for your ex-partner or your children.

Importance of the Divorce Investigation:

During a divorce investigation, a private investigator focuses on investigating certain aspects:

  • Employment situations: private detectives investigate the employment situation of an ex-spouse in question, since, in few cases, they claim to be unemployed or not have steady employment. However, as a result of the investigation, it is discovered that they are working and have steady employment. A private investigator can also investigate and determine if the spouse is lying about their career.
  • Economic and heritage situations: A private investigator investigates both the level of income and assets of the other spouse and investigates the economic situation of his/her family. In addition, our investigator can also investigate the spouses' economic evolution.

In addition, there are other elements linked to the previous aspects, which is also important in these cases.

Our private investigators know how sensitive these matters are and they will treat you with great respect and tact throughout the duration of the investigation; from the first telephone call to the final conclusion.

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