Legal Investigations:

A private investigators main job is to gather data and collect information from different sources for private individuals and corporations. A private investigator receives payment for their services such as conducting searches, verifications, and processing information that they provide to their clients.

Our private investigators specialize in legal investigations. Our investigators have extensive experience in the field of law and are motivated to research issues that directly affect your business management.

Our private investigators main objective is to work closely with legal teams to obtain the evidence they need to effectively defend our client's interests. The findings of investigations complement the work of lawyers and helping them to the provide evidence which is presented before the courts to ensure the veracity of their accusations. The sources of legal investigations are those elements which allow a private investigator to obtain or find what is required.

Legal investigations are the intellectual activity that seeks to discover the appropriate legal solutions for the problems posed by the social life of the time, increasingly dynamic and changing, which also implies the need to deepen the analysis of these problems, in order to adapt the legal orders to such social transformations, even if it formally seems antiquated.

The solution of a case begins with planning and analysis:

  • Discuss the case with our clients and determine if it is legal, ethical and possible to resolve
  • Prepare a budget and a plan to gather the necessary information
  • Execute the investigation and collect the evidence
  • Analyze the evidence
  • Inform our client of the results

Private investigators are the only legally admitted professionals who can legally conduct investigations and, specifically, that of labor and business issues.

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