Pre-marital Screening

Weddings are great occasions, in most cultures. Most families save up money their entire lives to pay for these special events, whose celebrations usually last for days with hundreds of guests. With so much money invested, it is common for a family to hire a private investigator to investigate the potential spouse prior to the ceremony.

One reason why pre-marital screening has grown is due to the fact that there are more marriages that are arranged online today. Families want to be assured that the person chosen for their daughter or son is genuine and not a fraud.

Divorce and murder rates are increasing at a high rate. When a marital dispute becomes unpleasant and reaches the point of going before a judge, both parties seek evidence to support their complaints, which usually revolve around extramarital affairs. It is difficult and nearly impossible for parents to investigate the background details of the potential spouse. Our private investigators are licensed professionals who are highly trained, and experienced and can complete these investigations.

The key roles of Private Investigator:

A spectacular growth has been achieved in recent years, private investigative companies now offer the service of verifying data on these individuals and their families, prior to the wedding. In some investigations, our investigators can collect and provide hard evidence such as photos and phone call histories.

The key role of a private investigator is to investigate pre-marital screening which includes past relationships, income, and the family history of future spouses. Among data which seeks to verify include the financial and legal background of the bride or groom and their families, the virginity of the bride, the horoscope of the couple and even the character of the mother-in-law.

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