State and Local Criminal Checks

Today the growth of crime has had a significance increase in most countries. Due to this increase, it is very important to conduct state and local criminal checks in various areas.

It is, however, important for all businesses that are considering hiring someone to take the critical step of conducting a background check. It is estimated that 30% of all the curriculums presented to entrepreneurs have some falsified content. This content may vary from exaggerations of lies. The most common frauds are those that have been found having a criminal record.

What happens today is that many recruiting companies are skipping a super important stage or leaving it to the end when the applicant is already chosen. This stage is the verification of data where the recruiter collects information from different aspects of the life of the applicant. Often the applicant is not local, meaning they came from a different state. In this scenario, it is not possible for a recruiter to go to various states to find out if the applicant has any criminal history there. This is one of the main reasons companies hire a private investigator to complete this task.

Personal and professional references are still a good method. However, you should not rely solely on those references. Future employees are given the names of individuals who the applicant knows will give a good reference, background checks reveal the truth. When you hire our company to perform this task, we will give you accurate and detailed information about the candidate in question.

Our team of private investigators are very well trained and have wide range of experience. We offer accurate state and local criminal checks. We will gather the information on the applicant and provide you with a detailed report which will make your decision easy.

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