Witness Investigations

A witness is someone who sees a crime scene, accident, or any event. In all the legal cases, it is very important to record the statement of the witness(s) who is involved in the entire criminal case. The testimony of a witnesses is an investigation diligence on criminal acts committed whose purpose is to contribute to the clarification of the facts as well as the verification and identification of the alleged perpetrator.

Due to the lack of information, power, and surveillance system, the average individual cannot find out and collect the information about a witness. A private investigator can do this task. Our investigators provide our clients with the evidence they need to present to the courts in the course of a trial, so that the judge will check them and act accordingly. Our private investigator, can act as a qualified witness, and can also approve the evidence obtained before any court.

The investigators results will test even more, to the category of irrefutable, because they can explain in what circumstances the evidence was obtained.

We have a wide team of the qualified private investigators. Consult our service and choose an investigator who best suits your needs. Our investigators can investigate the review of cases, identification and location of witnesses, evidence for the modification of custody, witness investigations, claim for compensatory pensions, breach of restraining orders, investigation of frauds and economic crimes, review of judgments, scams in accidents and sick leave, tracking people, etc. Whatever your case may be, our investigators our at your disposal.

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