Workers’ Compensation

Private investigators are often informally called a private eye and abbreviated to PI. When people think about private investigators, they usually imagine a brave person who resists criminals/deceitful people and eventually bring out the truth of the matter in case. Therefore, it is a common assumption when you hire a private investigator, they are going to help you with your legal case.

However, one of the main reasons to hire a private investigator is to investigate and expose fraudulent activities related to workers compensation. Our private investigators specialize in domestic Investigations and worker compensation cases for insurance companies, businesses, and private individuals.

Roles of a Private Investigator in Worker Compensation field:

Today there are many frauds in worker compensation cases. The number of fraudulent accounts has increased in employees trying to defraud the system. In numerous cases, the results of employees defrauding companies, have made it more difficult for honest employees to obtain workers compensation coverage; especially for those who really need the coverage.

In situations where an employee tries to take advantage of their workers compensation benefits, it is imperative for companies to hire a private eye to do their investigating to expose the facts in those particular compensation cases. Private eyes play a big role in worker compensation cases. Private investigators can help in saving insurers and companies’ millions.

Our private investigators use modern techniques to find out the frequency of these fraudulent cases. They are highly trained and very well experienced in this area. They use various types of up to date electronic methods to reveal whether an employee is trying to defraud your company. Our investigators find out if an employee is planning to avoid payment illegally. They will discuss the situation going on with the employee's compensation case with our client and help you find an appropriate solution.

Infidelity Investigations:

In recent years, it has been researched that more and more, men and women are unfaithful to their partners. It is not necessary to look behind, where women play only a small role in their house, their husband and the children. Formally infidelity was a "man's things", even in certain circles it was somewhat normal.

Now women go out of the house, work, maintain relationships with friends of both sexes and they are feeling freer than ever. People have the ability to choose to be faithful or unfaithful. Most people have the freedom to go wherever and do whatever, and not have to give an explanation to their partner.

Many questions arise in infidelity investigations. Although it seems like an easy-to-answer question; infidelity is not perceived in the same way by both women and men; that is the collaborated conclusion investigators came up with, through conducting various infidelity cases.

Private investigators have "intense" eyes, analytical minds, and excellent observation skills. They are often referred to as private detectives. Private investigators use various surveillance and investigation techniques which help in gathering accurate information about certain situations or subjects in question.

Our private investigators work on infidelity investigations on their clients' behalf. They hold a special license to conduct such investigations and are experienced and highly trained to finish the task in a professional manner. Our investigators work with individual clients, private organizations, businesses, police departments, and private companies.

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