Tenant Screening

Rent is fashionable. Although this system generates certain concerns to the owner of the property(s) as a result of the increase in defaults or acts of vandalism that occur in the home. To address these doubts, it is necessary for the owner of the property to follow a series of recommendations or be placed in the hands of a specialized company who deals with these particular issues and avoids conflict and potential legal matters to the owner.

It is necessary to get authorization from your prospective tenant prior to performing a tenant screening. A landlord wants a tenant who is reliable and pays rent on time. Conducting a tenant screening assists you in making the right decision as to which individual(s) you should rent to. Usually, landlords do not have the time to research all the little details and information about the prospective tenant. In such cases where landlords are spared for time, hiring an investigator can help you and they will work on your behalf.

The Role of Private Investigator in Tenant Screening:

Tenant screenings performed by a private investigator may include verification of social security numbers, previous and past residency, previous landlord references, personal references, sex offender registry search, credit reports, eviction searches, civil and criminal record searches, and various other searches.

We know the requirements vary for each landlord, and our screenings can be tailored to fit your specifications. Our team is equipped with today's current technology which allows us to complete these screenings. Our screening teams are licensed, highly trained skilled individuals who will complete your investigation tactfully and effectively.

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Today there is a higher rate of crime throughout our country and the world. A nationwide criminal background check is used to extend the geographical area in order to check the records of the criminal at the national level. Many times, it takes an extensive amount of time to gather the proper information about the criminal because of the geographical range.

Although the first thing that comes to mind when we think about the work of a private investigator is to discover an infidelity or a family scandal, the staff is not the only area in which these professionals are handled. In fact, they can also work on nationwide criminal background checks. This kind of investigation covers the large geographical area and it is believed to be the most powerful and very fast research tool.

Functions of a Private Investigator in Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Private detectives, at the request of natural or legal persons, will be responsible for:

  • Obtaining and providing information and evidence about conduct and private facts. For these purposes, behaviors or personal facts will be considered those that affect the economic, labor, commercial, financial and, in general, personal, family or social life, except the one that develops in the domiciles or reserved places.
  • From the investigation of crimes that can be prosecuted only at the request of a party on behalf of those legitimated in the criminal process.
  • Surveillance in fairs, hotels, exhibitions or similar areas. Within the scope of this section, large commercial areas and public places of great concurrence will be considered.

Regardless of the assigned task, its main functions include gathering information from the client, counteracting and verifying data, documents, and signatures, conducting follow-ups and monitoring, obtaining reliable evidence about certain events or behaviors and preparing a final report.

Bankruptcy Background Checks:

It is said that a company or a person is bankrupt when it declares bankruptcy that is when the debts and obligations exceed the total assets. This means that you will not be able to deal with debts in any way.

When the situation is short-term the situation is reversible and you speak of suspension of payments, that is, you cannot cope momentarily to your payment obligations but maybe in the future. However, bankruptcy is irreversible, because the debts already exceed the present and future value of all the assets and rights of the company, so the company will have to be liquidated to distribute its value among the creditors.

Often it requires going through the process of the bankruptcy background checks for many reasons. If any company wants to hire the best candidate for their company, it is vital to check his or her bankruptcy background checks. Those people who had a hard time in their life and who had filed for bankruptcy cannot declare their true story while applying for the job in a good company. They hide their bankruptcy in order to get that job by hook or crook. But many companies do not include the candidate who has filed for bankruptcy.

In such cases, they hire a private investigator to check the bankruptcy background checks of the prospective employee prior to hiring them. Thus, it is vital to process and conduct a check prior to offering them a job. Such individuals are not the only liability to your company, but for the system of the company as well.

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